The Ultimate Guide to Drone Photography in New Jersey

Everyone knows New Jersey is a beautiful place to live, work, and play. From the shoreline in the north to the wineries in the south, it’s a state full of natural wonders and man-made attractions. But with so many must-see places dotted across such a small state, how can you be sure you don’t miss out on all its hidden gems? As an aerial photographer and drone pilot from New Jersey, I know how challenging it can be to capture these sights from above. With its abundance of green spaces and small towns, you might think drone photography wouldn’t be as difficult here as somewhere like Manhattan or Boston. But even in this smaller state, locations are often restricted for safety reasons or because landowners aren’t keen on having strangers hover over their property! However, there are plenty of great places where you can get amazing shots of your favorite spots by using a drone.

The benefits of drone photography

Drone photography is a growing trend in travel and tourism for many reasons. Firstly, drone photography is a safe way to interact with nature. If you’re hiking or exploring a local area, you risk disturbing or harming any wildlife you might come across. Using a drone, you can safely and efficiently observe and document these delicate areas. Drone photography is also great for getting unique perspectives you wouldn’t usually get by visiting an attraction on foot. This is especially true of landmarks in built-up areas where it can be challenging to get the best shot. In these cases, drones can fly above the crowds and get a unique and beautiful view of the landmark.

7 of the best places to fly a drone in NJ

Liberty State Park – This popular tourist attraction is home to the Statue of Liberty’s south terminus. Although you can’t go up the Statue of Liberty itself, you can get a great view of the famous landmark. But you can get even better shots by flying above the crowds using a drone. Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty – You can’t take a drone onto Liberty Island, but you can get great shots of the Statue of Liberty from the water. You can access a kayak or electric boat tour from Battery Park in Manhattan or take the Staten Island Ferry to the island. The ferry leaves every 15 minutes and takes around 25 minutes. Visit the Statue of Liberty website for more information. New Jersey Meadows Environment Protection Agency – This is a popular spot for photographers, but it can be challenging to get a good shot. You can fly up high with drones and get a unique view of the meadows and the surrounding landscape. Princeton University – Founded in 1746, Princeton University is one of the oldest learning institutions in the country. It’s also one of the most beautiful. With a drone, you can better view the school’s Collegiate Gothic architecture. You can get even better shots by flying up above the campus rooftops. The Great Falls at Paterson and the Passaic River Walkway – This is where the Morris and Passaic Rivers meet. The National Park Service and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection protect the area. Head here during the spring when the water levels are high and the falls are fully flowing. Conclusion – New Jersey is a beautiful state with great drone flying places. These seven are just a few of the best, and there are plenty more where you can get excellent shots. Whether you’re looking for amazing views of iconic landmarks or want to capture New Jersey’s natural beauty, drones are an excellent way to do so.

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